Opportunities for Consumer Engagement

Opportunities for consumer involvement in research implementation (e.g. guidelines panels, surveys, conferences, workshops, and more).


In keeping with its role as a consumer-scientist partnership, CUE maintains a clearinghouse function, which seeks to place consumers in contact with healthcare professional organizations so their voices might be incorporated into important healthcare decisions. Consumer representatives often play an important role in research implementation processes such as clinical guidelines panels, grant-writing, peer review, and conference workshops.

The Clearinghouse is a way for organizations to request consumer representatives and for consumers to respond directly to those requests. Since 2007, CUE has fostered over 75 partnerships between consumers and policymaking organizations, including 12 in 2014 alone.

This online tool is meant to streamline the process of matching consumer representatives with organizations.

Open calls for Consumer Engagement
For CUE members wishing to respond to requests for consumer involvement in research implementation

If interested in any of the below opportunities, please contact Kolade Fapohunda, CUE Clearinghouse Coordinator, at kfapohu1@jhu.edu or Genie Han, CUE Coordinator, at ghan14@jhu.edu.

Date posted Requesting Organization Type of Involvement Details Resources
5/22/2018 Guidelines International Networks- North America Region (G-I-N/NA) Seeking two patients and/or caregivers to join the Steering Committee group for a 3-year commitment. Deadline is Monday, June 11, 2018. Please contact Genie Han (ghan14@jhu.edu), CUE Coordinator, or Kolade Fapohunda (kfapohu1@jhu.edu) for details on the application process. Deadline for applications:  06/11/2018 Application form for interested patients/consumers 
7/19/2018 Virginia Commonwealth University Patients or consumers to serve on a clinical practice guideline for substance abuse disorders and/or TBI 

Deadline for applications: As soon as possible

Participants are expected to participate  in in-person meetings and phone calls

Application form for interested patients/consumers

Updated as of 6/1/2018

Full list of past CUE Clearinghouse partnerships: (will return in late June 2018)

Please send all applications for involvement to Genie Han,  CUE Coordinator: ghan14@jhu.edu


Seeking Consumer Involvement
For organizations seeking consumer involvement in surveys, CPGs, or conferences

Submit a Request for Consumers

Contact CUE to submit a request. Send completed application forms to Genie Han, MSc, CUE Coordinator at ghan14@jhu.edu. Your request will be added to the list of open requests.


To all participants:
Please expect to be asked for feedback at the terminus of your partnership. Getting information about the quality of the partnerships we enable is essential for CUE to report to funders and to improve performance moving forward. Thank you!

Feedback from past partners:
When asked to describe their CUE-educated patient/consumer representative, two respondents used the words “diligent” and “resourceful” to describe two different patient/consumers. All respondents said they would want to partner with CUE again for future research implementation activities, as appropriate.