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Semi-Annual Twitter Chat
CUE holds a Twitter Chat every six months. The Chat provides a platform for improved communication among members of different stakeholder groups; patients/consumers are given an opportunity to ask questions and address their comments to health professionals as well as other patients/consumers.

Find Storify of Previous Twitter Chats below:
Competing Perspectives: How to be constructively disruptive when serving on an advisory panel (July 7, 2017)
FDA Patient Related Engagement: Enhancing Patient Centeredness in Research Implementation (December 20, 2016)
Drug Pricing in the US (September 30, 2016)
Who is making recommendations for my healthcare? (March 17, 2016)
What does evidence mean to YOU? (February 20, 2015)

The CUE Quarterly Newsletter
The CUE Quarterly Newsletter is disseminated to all CUE members every three months via MailChimp and is accessible both as a PDF printout and on your mobile device.  The newsletter includes upcoming events, Clearinghouse opportunities, featured member organizations, stories of interest (taken from the CUE Facebook Page), and links to new and/or featured educational resources on evidence-based healthcare and research implementation.

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To sign up for the CUE Quarterly, email Genie Han, MSc, CUE Coordinator, at ghan14@jhu.edu.