Why we need Odds Ratio - even though nobody can understand what it means!Why we need Odds Ratio - even though nobody can understand what it means!

Professor Darrel Francis discusses the relevance of using odds ratio even though plenty of people do not understand it.




What are core outcome sets? (A COMET Initiative video)What are core outcome sets? (A COMET Initiative video)

A “Core Outcome Set” is an agreed minimum set of outcomes or outcome measures. It is a recommendation of ‘what’ should be measured and reported in all trials in a specific area. Researchers also need to consider ‘how’ these outcomes should be measured, and work is ongoing to develop “Core Outcome Measurement Instrument Sets”, which will include details on the instruments or tools to use to measure the outcomes in a Core Outcome Set. The COMET team welcomes comments on these definitions, and ideas on how to describe outcomes, outcome measures and outcome measurement instruments. 




https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/26/health/stroke-clot-buster.html For Many Strokes, There’s an Effective Treatment. Why Aren’t Some Doctors Offering It? 

Dr. Christopher Lewandowski, principal investigator of a clinical trial that found an effective treatment for stroke. Two decades later, he still finds himself explaining the data to doubters in the medical community. 




Clinical Trials: It’s not just a phase!Clinical Trials: It’s not just a phase!

This video covers the role of clinical trials within the drug development process in Canada. These trials have multiple phases, with each having a specific purpose in order to test the safety, dosage and efficacy of the drug. Additionally, the risks and benefits to participants are covered for individuals who are considering participating in a trial.


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Power of Transparency to Save Lives

Roger explores the importance of information transparency to consumers and its potential impact on health outcomes. Roger Holstein believes the most powerful thing in the world is our health. To this end, he has dedicated his career to transforming the healthcare industry and has spent the past 35 years developing innovative, new businesses at leading brands including Healthgrades, WebMD and Medco.



Value-Based Quality and Safety: Overview

HI-FIVE (Health Informatics For Innovation, Value & Enrichment) Training is a 12-hour online course designed by Columbia University in 2016, with sponsorship from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). The training is role-based and uses case scenarios. Also, it has additional, optional modules on other topics of interest or relevance. Although we suggest to complete the course within a month's timeframe, the course is self-paced and so you can start and finish the course at anytime during a month's time period. No additional hardware or software are required for this course.



Bad Science: Ben Goldacre at Imagining the Future of Medicine