Learning CurveFree Cochrane Courses: Select from the menu on the left to view and register for free online courses offered by the US Cochrane Center.  The courses are designed to help consumer advocates and other stakeholders understand the fundamentals of evidence-based healthcare concepts and skills and are accompanied by self-tests.



CLEOCLEO - Free Online Resources: CLEO is CUE's resource library for free online media regarding evidence-based healthcare.  The library includes links to TedTalks, free online courses, and other useful websites.  The library is updated on a regular basis, ensuring that the resources are up-to-date and timely


AdPanAdvisory Panel Engagement: CUE has produced a comprehensive resource bank for consumers interested in participating on advisory panels and for panel organizers seeking consumer engagement. Resources include case studies, printable handouts with helpful hints, and instructional lessons from experienced patients and professionals.