Iain Chalmers:  The Life ScientificIain Chalmers:  The Life Scientific [mp3]

Trained as a physician, Sir Iain Chalmers became a champion for treatments based on the best available evidence and the first director of The Cochrane Collaboration.




Paul Glasziou: Research: Increasing Value, Reducing WastePaul Glasziou: Research: Increasing Value, Reducing Waste [mp3]

In a podcast, Paul Glasziou, Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine at Bond University, discusses a new Lancet series about optimizing medical research



" "STAT News: The Signal Podcast

The Signal is co-hosted by Meg Tirrell, a CNBC reporter on biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, and Luke Timmerman, the founder and editor of Timmerman Report. Of particular interest to advocates will be Episode 3: Should we believe published scientific research? and Episode 7: How much are we willing to pay for cures?.