If interested in any of the below opportunities, please contact Kolade Fapohunda, CUE Clearinghouse Coordinator, at kfapohu1@jhu.edu or Genie Han, CUE Coordinator, at ghan14@jhu.edu.

Date posted Requesting Organization Type of Involvement Details Resources
4/3/2018 American Society of Radiation Oncology Seeking patient (or caregiver) with basal and squamous cell skin cancer (non-melanoma) to participate on a clinical practice guideline panel about radiation therapy.
  • Start date of April 2018
Application form for interested patients/consumers (PDF)

Full list: CUE's past partnerships, 2013-present (Will be back up March 2018)


Please send all applications for involvement to Genie Han,  CUE Coordinator: ghan14@jhu.edu